Our experience in working for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb and the Šibenik Town Museum, collaboration with curators, artists and designers, continuous theoretical and practical knowledge improvement, engagement in projects of realization of permanent and temporary exhibitions with serious approach and expertise are the driving force which leads us to generating quality results in spatial and visual organization of visual-art layouts.
Museum and gallery-related activities, research, studies of the material sources and tracking innovations in the world of arts are the tasks of the curators’ part of our team.
We express our orientation towards museum and gallery activities through:
• curator’s choice and an overview of works of art for needs of exhibitions, inter-institutional borrowings and photographic reproductions of works of art for professional and promotional publications
• advising on visual arts layouts in museums and galleries
• advising on visual layouts of exhibitions
• writing introductions and accompanying texts for exhibitions
• adjusting image files of digitized archival and museum materials for computer programs intended for processing museum documentation
•  preparation of museum press materials, website announcements, notices, invitations
•  e-invitations and preparation of keys
Light, composition and framing are photographic applicable means which, together with fulfilling another requirement, that of the approach, lead to the creation of the aesthetically valuable piece of work. In the form of perceiving and interpreting reality, Approach is most often defined by sensibility, as well as by not-less -important experience, which ART4 unifies in the third generation of photographers. ART4 has created its pure photographic expression and the unique discreet approach within photographic surrounding, with a variety of uses of traditional photographic procedures, as well as the digital ones, and with understanding the nature of light, based on years-long theatrical experience  of technical manipulation of stage lighting. Besides high quality work, maximum engagement and satisfaction of our clients, our additional benefit are prices, which we keep in accordance with the Croatian market and economic conditions. Field shooting as opposed to shooting in the studio, materials, techniques, dimensions, a number of works required for shooting, hiring additional equipment or locations for shooting, the level of complexity in the treatment of the material, graphic design, ways and terms of delivery are some of the parameters which define the prices which, most importantly, are still acceptable for everybody. Every single shooting (as agreed with a client) is accompanied by high quality material treatment and by its delivery on a transfer medium in an uncompressed TIFF format suitable for printing, JPEG format of smaller capacity suitable for direct application and WEB format appropriate for simple manipulation on Internet pages and for an overview of the recorded material. We offer the possibility of labelling the photographs according to the client’s wishes, that is, with the adjustment for the installation into computer data bases, in which, in for easier coordination, the delivery of the electronically recorded material is accompanied by a printed listing of photography titles.
Digital editing , retouching and reconstruction are our tools which give you a feeling of the original appearance of valuable incunabula, missals, graduals, breviary and other illuminated manuscripts as well as graphics, photos, posters and fragile contemporary art works which for preventive measures of protection and preservation are inaccessible for exposure.

From shooting to editing, we offer you a complete product. You can entrust us with a complete production of announcements and cultural events overviews, theatre show, interviews or advertising spots of your business projects. We give information an artistic dimension. The result of the unique approach to every request is an impressive visual solution.

• Theatre show and announcements
• New Year and anniversary Greeting Card
• Opening ceremonies
• Concerts
• Advertise clips