for designing audio, video and lightning  and controlling systems for:
• theatre halls
• multimedia halls
• museums
• cinema systems
• hotel systems
• conference halls
about us
ART4 is a company specializing in graphic design, photography, video recording, theater techniques and curatorial affairs. The initiator of a number of pilot projects. Although founded in 2010, the company ART4 their experience is not based only on the eight-year existence of the company, but at 28 years of experience working in the artistic fields like:
• theatre photography
• sound design
• light design
• posters and programme booklets design

as well as design, consulting, performance and supply of:
• museums
• galeries
• exibition halls
• theatres
• concert halls
• multimedia halls
• sport halls

Dedication to work, quick adaptation to situations and demands, team work and coordination are the characteristics of our expert and timely - completed tasks, whereas numerous awards granted in the field of culture, presentations and memberships speak on our behalf. Knowledgeableness that our memberships in the organizations such as The Croatian Association of Visual Artists of Applied Arts, Zagreb Photo Club, AVIXA, AES and CPN.
Dedication to detail, designing a functional whole with optimal solutions customized for users and their needs are the attributes of our approach to conceptual design and project solutions as well as to businesses. Photo and video documentation, digitizing photographic negatives and slides, photography reconstruction, editing and graphic design are our forms of communicating within cultural and artistic businesses. The continuous effort to extend our offer, ranging from digitizing museum and archival materials, aerial and panoramic shooting, shooting and building virtual tours, time-lapse shooting, editing of documental video materials, building animations, shooting public events, to creating programme booklets, catalogues, leaflets and posters, show our sensibility, dynamics and monitoring of  market demands.